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Of the many Names.... [Nov. 14th, 2011|03:12 pm]
Allfathers Own


So, I've been thinking a bit lately about how I relate to the Aesir at this stage of my life (largely how I relate to the goddesses, since I guess I am not your typical female heathen--if there is such a thing!). One thing that has not changed--and I find this very comforting--is how I relate to Odhinn. To me He is still the father I never had, the wisest of teachers, and the Giver of Clue-by-Four Smackings. :) He is also Grimnir, and my work with Him and Hel has cured me of my death-phobia. As an artist and mystic, I can't forget those aspects; as a librarian, I honor Him as a seeker and keeper of knowledge...I guess I see Him best as Svipal. As I find myself changing a lot in the search for authenticity, I have taken the name Svipalsdottir to reflect this.

So, anyway, the point to my rambling is this: what aspects of Him do you relate to best? Do you find that this changes, the longer you follow Him?

[User Picture]From: parallax_prose
2011-11-14 09:29 pm (UTC)
As a graduate student, I find myself relating to Him as the seeker of knowledge, as well, but more specifically to His suffering and persistence for the sake of knowledge. I remind myself everyday of His ordeals on Yggdrasil and at Mimir's well. Especially when I'm feeling sorry for myself!

But I will always feel close to Him as Allfather. I feel that I can be honest with Him in ways I never could with my own father.
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